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Aviv Hadari was born in Brooklyn, NY in 1984. At the age of 10, Aviv and his family relocated to Ra'anana, Israel where he first started studying guitar at the Art Studio School of music.

After two years at the Art Studio, Aviv transferred to the Ra'anana Conservatory Music Center where he continued his studies until taking leave for his three year army service as a firefighter for the Israeli Air Force.

During his service, Aviv founded Magor, which performed live with several international metal bands, such as Moonsorrow, Septic Flesh, and Rotting Christ, and later represented Israel in 2014 in the the largest heavy metal festival in the world: Wacken Open Air.

In addition to releasing Magor's full length album "Drawn To The Dark" (guitars, vocals and Music production), Aviv has also contributed to the release of "Flood By The Hush" by Caprecia,"The Ceremony Of The Edge Of A burning Page" by The Bishop Of Hexen, and "Ecstatic Aggressive Behavior" by Spawn Of Evil.

He has also worked with other artists such as indie pop rock artist Hila Por and comedic music artist Guy First of State Of Fart.


Since relocating to Los Angeles, Aviv has founded Extreme Metal band Consciously Dying releasing the debut EP "Delusions" and preforming local LA venues. Aviv has also eared his AA degree in guitar performance at the Musicians Institute Hollywood and is currently earning his BA in guitar performance.

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